About Government Affairs

The Klamath County Association of REALTORS® maintains a government affairs program with full time staff to ensure that the real estate industry in Klamath County is represented with local and regional governments.

The Klamath County Association of REALTORS® advocates for the industry by participating in all facets of the policy making process, including representing the industry on various committees and stakeholder panels, meeting with local government staff and elected officials on important issues, and providing testimony before city and county governments.

Government affairs is an essential part of virtually all trade associations and other nonprofits engaged in public policy advocacy. It is almost always one leg of the “three-legged stool” that forms the basis of most associations, along with either education/professional development, networking, or ethics/standards.

All REALTORS® are represented at the local, state and national levels by their respective associations and the National Association of REALTORS®.

That representation is vitally important because the practice of real estate is directly and indirectly impacted by public policy making at all levels of government, most obviously by state regulation of licensing standards. The real estate industry views a robust government affairs program as essential to ensuring that private property rights are protected and that a free market in residential and commercial property sales can thrive.