House Logic's "Clever Cures for the Worst of Winter"

If you haven't already checked out, do yourself a favor and bookmark it today! From tips to shoveling snow, keeping your roof clear of snow and avoiding frozen pipes, the vast amount of tips on this site are sure to come in handy.

From a recent post, we will share with you the surprising (but seriously, why didn't we think of that?) first tip to some snow shoveling hacks. Then you're on your own - the link is below. Check it out!

#1 Spray Your Shovel with Cooking Oil

Snow sticking to your shovel makes an already arduous task even more obnoxious. Avoid it with this hack: Lightly coat your shovel with non-stick cooking oil to make snow slide right off. No more time wasted removing snow from your snow remover. (You can substitute a spray lubricant like WD-40, but the downside is it’s toxic.)

Read the rest and more amazing hacks here:

7 Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®

REALTORS® aren’t just agents. They’re professional members of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict code of ethics. This is the REALTOR® difference for home buyers:

1.     Ethical treatment.
Every REALTOR® must adhere to a strict code of ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public. As a REALTOR®’s client, you can expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction-related matters. The first obligation is to you, the client.

2.     An expert guide.
Buying a home usually requires dozens of forms, reports, disclosures, and other technical documents. A knowledgeable expert will help you prepare the best deal, and avoid delays or costly mistakes. Also, there’s a lot of jargon involved, so you want to work with a professional who can speak the language.

3.     Objective information and opinions.
REALTORS® can provide local information on utilities, zoning, schools, and more. They also have objective information about each property. REALTORs® can use that data to help you determine if the property has what you need. By understanding both your needs and search area, they can also point out neighborhoods you don’t know much about but that might suit your needs better than you’d thought.

4.     Expanded search power.
Sometimes properties are available but not actively advertised. A REALTOR® can help you find opportunities not listed on home search sites and can help you avoid out-of-date listings that might be showing up as available online but are no longer on the market.

5.     Negotiation knowledge.
There are many factors up for discussion in a deal. A REALTOR® will look at every angle from your perspective, including crafting a purchase agreement that allows enough time for you to complete inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase.

6.     Up-to-date experience.
Most people buy only a few homes in their lifetime, usually with quite a few years in between each purchase. Even if you’ve done it before, laws and regulations change. REALTORS® handle hundreds of transactions over the course of their career.

7.     Your rock during emotional moments.
A home is so much more than four walls and a roof. And for most people, property represents the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Having a concerned, but objective, third party helps you stay focused on the issues most important to you.

GRI Courses Hosted by Klamath County Association of REALTORS®

In 2018 Klamath County Association of REALTORS® will host multiple Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) courses to help REALTORS® statewide earn their designation.

The GRI designation is a way to stand out to prospective homebuyers and sellers as a REALTOR® who has gained in-depth knowledge on technical subjects as well as the fundamentals of real estate. In today's competitive business environment, it often takes more than just motivation and initiative to succeed.

The Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) symbol is the mark of a real estate professional that has made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services by securing a strong educational foundation.

New technology, laws, procedures and the increasing sophistication of buyers and sellers requires real estate practitioners to perform at an ever-increasing level of professionalism.

The GRI designation is a powerful tool to attract and build new business. You'll increase your skill level across the entire landscape of real estate with in-depth training in legal and regulatory issues, technology, professional standards, and the sales process.

REALTORS® can register through the OAR Education website. Two courses are coming up quickly, so be sure and register today!

  • Transactions, Thursday, January 18, 2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM

  • Agency Professionalism, Thursday - February 15, 2018 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Snowflake Festival

Gingerbread House Competition – 2015


The Gingerbread House competition is sponsored and judged by the Klamath County Association of REALTORS®. The site for the 2015 Gingerbread Village is the Ross Ragland Theater Lobby.  This is a Snowflake Festival Event.


All entries will be accepted and displayed, however winning entries must comply with the following guidelines:


1. All entries must be completely edible. Platforms must be completely covered.  Everything visible must be EDIBLE.  Paper, plastic, glass, toothpicks, lollipop sticks, etc. are not acceptable as part of the structure or scene.


2. The gingerbread portions of all entries must be home made

(no pre-baked, pre- packaged or kit materials.) Houses constructed of other edible materials:  graham crackers, pretzels, cereal, spaghetti, etc. will be accepted.


3. All structures must be built on a STURDY platform such as a cutting board,

plywood or heavy cardboard. all structures must be built on one platform not to

exceed 24”x 36”. It is often necessary to rearrange the exhibits to best use the space

and flimsy platforms do not stand up to the handling.


4. Contestants must provide a complete list of ingredients attached to their entry.


Entries will be accepted in one of the following categories:

1. Preschool - Kindergarten & 5 years and under, may have SOME adult help with entry

2. Elementary Grades - 1, 2, & 3 is to be constructed by the entrant only

3. Intermediate Grades - 4, 5, & 6 is to be constructed by the entrant only

4. Junior Grades - 7, 8, & 9 is to be constructed by the entrant only

5. Senior Grades - 10, 11, & 12 is to be constructed by the entrant only

6. Adults - 18 years and older are to be constructed by the entrant only

7. Family - 2 or more related persons

8. Organizations - Scout troops, other group projects

** Schools may enter by grade level


5. All entries must be picked up by 5:00 PM on December 19th or they will be destroyed.



For the school categories: Elementary, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior there will be cash prizes

awarded to the school that the winning individual attends. In addition, the First Prize winner of

each specific school category will be awarded a gift certificate for their entry.


Schedule of Events


***December 5th, 11 AM – 5 PM This is the ONLY TIME entries will be received in the

Ross Ragland Lobby***


Dec 6th                        Noon - 5 PM                Open for viewing

Dec 8th-11th                 10AM -5 PM                Open for viewing– Contest Winners on display

Dec 13th                       Noon - 5 PM                Open for viewing

Dec 15th – 18th                        10AM - 5 PM               Open for viewing

Dec 19th                       Noon - 5 PM                Open for viewing


For more information click here